Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dance

If I had to put that whole night into one word, I'd say it was BORING. At the begging of everything we were bieng taught slow dancing. But I think It looked more like slow standing around. The instructor pared me up with someone and we were the example. Well, I was the example. My partner was totaly limp. Then he let us go and I danced with my brother a bit. I felt bad for my brother. He thought we were going to do something cool like an electronic game night. But we didn't. A little later in the night a DJ came and he taught us stupid stuff like the chicken dance. My dad just happened to come when this rap like sond was on and he got mad. He picked me up and made me do the swing dance with him to show everyone "how to realy dance." That was probably the most interesting part of the night. So you can imagine how interesting the rest of the night was. Next combined is bieng conducted by the boys in the 6th ward I think. So we'll probably do something fun like basket-ball or soccer. But I think over all it was ok.


Tiffany & Annabella said...

Dances are so much fun... You will love them in the next few years and then you will look back at this and wonder why you wrote this!!! Just ask Sister Brooks about dances... Also ask Sister Stokes (she is amazing).. The greatest part of dances is to goof with your friends both girls and boys!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER liked dances. ha ha! RIGHT! (can you hear the dripping sarcasm?)
Actually, I never liked the "learning to dance" part. I feel for you Amy...doesn't sound fun. Instead of being taught to dance, I felt like it was more of a "come and watch what we can do" type thing, not really teaching. I always showed up late when they were "teaching" dancing first.
So anyway....the best part about church dances was being able to go out and shake your "groove thing" and be goofy and have fun (I guess BOYS were worth going for too).

joyous said...

Agreed. I think it would have been more fun if the DJ had been there earlier and had more time to do different things. Any thoughts for April when it's our turn?!?!

Amy said...

Dirt Biking, Paint Balling, Water fight, ect. But Of course you have heard that many many a time. Are lds dances always like that?