Friday, December 28, 2007


We had a great Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve our family acted out the Nativity. We had allot of fun with that. I love what we usually get in our stockings! We get a small bag of chocolates (which I end up giving to my dad) and an orange, an apple, and a container of pringles, and also a tooth brush. Oh, also I had my birthday on the 27! My dad planned a surprise birthday party to. We had family over for that. My mom asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said I wanted tomato soup. But had I known they were inviting others over I probably would have chosen something else. And since I hate cake I asked for key lime pie.
I L O V E key lime pie!!! I love Christmas time. We have allot to plan before the new year. I don't have any pictures because our camera ran out of batteries.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A very nice lesson

Today for Young Women's we had a different type of lesson. I loved it. It was very spiritual. Sister Henshaw told us to not say a word because the lesson was a silent Christmas Presentation. She turned on some Christmas Hymns and told us to read our papers that she handed out to us. It was about the birth of Jesus. At the end of the packet it told us to share our feelings about the Savior's birth. This is what I wrote.

Jesus was born under the most simple yet sacred circumstances. I believe that the Inns were full not by coincidence. I believe that it was Gods will for Jesus to be born in a stable so that we can understand more about him bieng humble.

I hope that this Christms may be one that is not about the presents or about the lights and music. I hope tha we remember the true meaning of Christmas. About our Savior's birth.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Forgotten Carols

My young women leaders decided that for their Christmas gift to us they would take us to see the Forgotten Carols. I had planned on going to see a movie that night but then my mom told me that my leaders had planned something else. At first I thought, I'm probably going to be the one that misses out. But we went and I proved myself wrong! I loved it! It was really neat. My mom would have loved it. Thanks Sister Henshaw!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandmas birthday

Yesterday was my grandmas birthday. She celebrated it at a Mexican restaurant. She had family from around the area come to have dinner together. I didn't know most of my family that was there! We had lots of fun and I learned allot about my family history. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera so there aren't any pictures.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Combined Caroling

For Mutual tonight we went caroling. It was fun. Suzanne, Me, Tim, David, Greg, and Spencer came. We were divided into 2 groups. Me, Spencer and Greg were one group and the others were in another. Each group tackled three houses. After that we went to the Stokes' house and Brother Stokes made scones for us. Spencer and I had an eating contest. We both had eaten 5 when he asked if we could just call it a tie. I said yes. (I had my fingers crossed. Hee Hee.) He got up and I took another one. So I had five and a half scones! I WON!!! He said it didn't count because he had to leave but he was there the whole time. I'm over stuffed but it's easy to have a contest if your eating brother Stokes' scones! HA HA HA HA HA!!! I GOT SCONES AND YOU DIDN'T SISTER BROOKS!!! MWAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I feel sick. :( Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

O NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you sprain your ankle and leave it for a week. I don't know how I sprained my ankle but it's been hurting for about a week now and just keeps getting worse. I hate it!!! It almost hurts more trying to walk with crutches than it does to just walk normal! But hopefully it'll help it heal. I told my mom I was going caroling on Wednesday with the youth in our ward and asked her what I should do. She said, "I guess you'll be walking on crutches." What's even funnier is she said, "You can be tiny Tim." (Bless us. Bless us everyone.) HA HA HA HA!!!!!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree...

This is our Christmas tree. We decided to keep it simple and not to many decorations this year. All the presents under the tree are from grandma and grandpa! And Santa hasn't even come yet!!! sweet! Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Beach!

We went to the beach with our grandfather. He has a trailer which he parked by the beach. I found a dead jelly fish. Here's a pic of me holding it. ^ Isn't it cool?! These are my initials in the sand. Isn't this a great picture?

I want to frame this one.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Dog is Weird

Our dog has got to be the weirdest dog in the world. She has TONS of balls. But she chooses this one to take her anger out on. OK....She just popped a hole in it and now when ever she bites it it makes a pop pop pop pop. It's sooooooooo funny! She's gone through three of these balls now. I love her. In the picture at the top it looks like she doesn't have a tale because she is wagging it so hard. SHE DOES HAVE ONE THOUGH!

I should have Tammanys blog link along with all the others. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I got Tammany Braxton to make a blog! Go visit it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Practical joke! NOT FUNNY/funny

I'm at the sleepover and we are all having a blast! It's almost 12:00 am and sister Haub decided to have us do an activity that would make you relaxed and get you ready for bed. So she had us close our eyes and she placed a plate in front of us. She told us to rub our hands in circles on the top of the plate. then she had us turn it over and rub the bottom of it. Then she had us rub circles on our forehead and cheeks. we all did so and then finally opened our eyes. It took our eyes a while to focus but when they did we saw dark circles on each others faces! At first we all thought our eyes were fooling us. But as our eyes focused more we were proved wrong! We turned over our plates and saw black pasty stuff all over it! Tammany, Sina, and I rubbed our hands in it and then GOT OUR REVENGE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! You can guess what we did. We didn't get them to bad because they tried to stop us. Next thing we did was run into the bathroom and wash our faces off. But it only smeared! After allot of scrubbing and soap it all came off. Help me remember this one because it's a good trick!

Good night. :)

Sleepover :)

For young womens this week were going to have a sleepover. Were making Christmas ornaments for the Christmas party. It sounds like it's going to be fun! Sister Henshaw was right when she said Y/W keeps her extra busy during the week.
! !
I'm thankful for the sacrifices my leaders make to give me the blessings I have.

Thanks sooooooooo much! :)
Try to find the hidden message.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Historian! YESSSSS!

I am schooled at home as you may know. Once a week all the kids (near each other) in the same schooling program meet together in a class room with their assigned teacher. The teachers decided it would be nice to have a student government. The offices were president, vice president, treasurer, and a historian. (for each of the classrooms) Their was a three way tie for historian and I was one of them! Yay for me! I was up against 12 other students running for the same offices. Including my sister. I posted a few pics I took today. They didn't turn out as good as I wanted because it was really hard to get one with everyone holding still.
We were playing a game called organisation. The group was divided in half. One person from each team would take enough pencils for each of their teammates. They would make a design with them and then the two teams would compete to see which team could rearrange themselves to duplicate the design the captain made. It was fun but HECTIC!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Season

Christmas is on its way! I'm so excited. My grandparents are coming to! We've got to get our family picture taken so that we can send out Christmas card. We haven't bought gifts yet. But I'm in the process of making some really nice gifts for people. I'll tell what I've made after Christmas.

Christmas Feelings
I love the smell of Christmas. I love the warm feeling of layers and layers of blankets piled on your bed. I love the lights and trees that get decorated. I love the feeling I get when I give good gifts. I love the calm feeling I get at Christmas time. I miss the cold snow from the mountains from where I used to live. I miss the loud rain on our tin roof. I miss the snowmen. I miss our pond that would freeze each year. I miss the smell of the pine trees. Now we live in another beautiful place. Instead of snow we have rain. Instead of a tin roof we have a wood one. Instead of snowmen we have Christmas-light-men. Instead of a frozen pond we have a blue ocean. Instead of pine trees we have palm trees. But the Christmas spirit is still the same.
By Amy Sweet

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