Sunday, December 23, 2007

A very nice lesson

Today for Young Women's we had a different type of lesson. I loved it. It was very spiritual. Sister Henshaw told us to not say a word because the lesson was a silent Christmas Presentation. She turned on some Christmas Hymns and told us to read our papers that she handed out to us. It was about the birth of Jesus. At the end of the packet it told us to share our feelings about the Savior's birth. This is what I wrote.

Jesus was born under the most simple yet sacred circumstances. I believe that the Inns were full not by coincidence. I believe that it was Gods will for Jesus to be born in a stable so that we can understand more about him bieng humble.

I hope that this Christms may be one that is not about the presents or about the lights and music. I hope tha we remember the true meaning of Christmas. About our Savior's birth.


bridgett said...

wow! u have a poetic tounge!