Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Season

Christmas is on its way! I'm so excited. My grandparents are coming to! We've got to get our family picture taken so that we can send out Christmas card. We haven't bought gifts yet. But I'm in the process of making some really nice gifts for people. I'll tell what I've made after Christmas.

Christmas Feelings
I love the smell of Christmas. I love the warm feeling of layers and layers of blankets piled on your bed. I love the lights and trees that get decorated. I love the feeling I get when I give good gifts. I love the calm feeling I get at Christmas time. I miss the cold snow from the mountains from where I used to live. I miss the loud rain on our tin roof. I miss the snowmen. I miss our pond that would freeze each year. I miss the smell of the pine trees. Now we live in another beautiful place. Instead of snow we have rain. Instead of a tin roof we have a wood one. Instead of snowmen we have Christmas-light-men. Instead of a frozen pond we have a blue ocean. Instead of pine trees we have palm trees. But the Christmas spirit is still the same.
By Amy Sweet

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joyous said...

I love your poem. It truly captures the Christmas spirit.