Friday, December 7, 2007

Practical joke! NOT FUNNY/funny

I'm at the sleepover and we are all having a blast! It's almost 12:00 am and sister Haub decided to have us do an activity that would make you relaxed and get you ready for bed. So she had us close our eyes and she placed a plate in front of us. She told us to rub our hands in circles on the top of the plate. then she had us turn it over and rub the bottom of it. Then she had us rub circles on our forehead and cheeks. we all did so and then finally opened our eyes. It took our eyes a while to focus but when they did we saw dark circles on each others faces! At first we all thought our eyes were fooling us. But as our eyes focused more we were proved wrong! We turned over our plates and saw black pasty stuff all over it! Tammany, Sina, and I rubbed our hands in it and then GOT OUR REVENGE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! You can guess what we did. We didn't get them to bad because they tried to stop us. Next thing we did was run into the bathroom and wash our faces off. But it only smeared! After allot of scrubbing and soap it all came off. Help me remember this one because it's a good trick!

Good night. :)


joyous said...

Oh my goodness, that was so funny!! You guys were hilarious. You know we love you b/c we tease you.