Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Logans first time doing baptisms!

My mom had some names given to her that needed to be done. So my brother got to do all the male names and I had the opportunity to do the girl ones but I found out that my temple recommend needed to be renewed. Darn! I missed doing baptisms with Logan on his first time! We have youth baptisms coming up so that ought to be fun. They want us to bring our own names this time. My grandma has been working on allot of family history and has a bunch of names ready for us to do. I'm hopping we still can get more though.

This Wednesday for YW were going to do a temple time capsule. Not sure what were exactly going to be doing though. Sister Henshaw won't tell me. But last week we did an Iron Chef cook off. AKA experimenting with seasoning meat and cooking rice. Most of mine were pretty good actually. I had a blast! And eating it was even better! I think my favorite was meat and the ranch powdery stuff.

I'm very excited for Logan and can't wait till all 4 of us can be in YW/YM! It won't be long!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Savannah had a birthday! She turned 9! Wow. Time goes by FAST! She had a little party with a few of her friends. They rented the movie Water Horse. It's pretty good. We had lots of fun and I think she had a good time to.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elders Qourum Party

Saturday we had a BB-Q at Via Maria park. The food was Xelent! We climbed trees and played soccer and catch. I loved it. I took some pics but havn't loaded them yet so I'll do that after church. So who likes the new template?

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm doing a commercial contest on go green for my credit union. I don't believe a thing about go green but I love doing movies and wouldn't mind getting an electric scooter out of it. The limit was no more then 60 sec. so I was cutting it pretty close.

So what do ya think?!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Fools!!!

Did any of you guys do pranks? I can sure tell you that I did some. I performed,....... let me think,........................................ 5 pranks. Let me start with my least favorites then work up. I did allot of research on good pranks.

#1 I filled all the tooth paste tubes with raisins so when someone squeezed it they saw bugs coming outa-it. I did that with both the kids bathroom and the parents bathroom.

#2 I set my dads alarm clock for 3:00 AM the next morning. But, I had to cancel that one cause it would interfere with a better prank. So I ended up setting it for 11:00 that night. But we turned out staying up that late anyway so we could finish up our work samples for school. They take a looong time to complete.

#3 I got my Mp3 and hooked it up to some loud speakers and set the alarm for 3:00 that April morning. It went off and they just lay there in bed until it stopped. I had the alarm on radio. I think they ended up liking the music anyway. DARN!

#4 I cut a bunch of small pieces of plastic wrap into squares. I then took the lids off all the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the house and placed it on the lip of the bottle. I reattached the flip open lids. I set up all my pranks up the night before so when Savannah decided she wanted to take a bath (the night before April fools day) she got in and started to wash her hair. She popped open the cap and tried pouring it out. Nothing. She tried over and over again but still nothing. She called for mom to help her but she just asked me to go see what Savannah wanted. I walked in their and saw her holding the shampoo bottle in her hand and looked at me with this confused face. I turned around and busted out laughing. I ( secretly ) opened the cap and removed the piece of plastic wrap. I gave it back to her and she used it. But when she was done with her bath I put the plastic wrap back on so my prank wasn't foiled. The next morning my dad took a shower. He was having some trouble with it so he popped it open and took out the plastic wrap. I guess he was just to smart for me. Although it was a pretty lame prank to begin with.

#5 My favorite. I think I'll just tell you the directions since it's so long.

THE PERPS: Several readers
THE VICTIMS: Adults and kids were fair game.
We've all heard of--or tried--some form of this Bart Simpson-esque trick, but we got a chuckle out of this wild animal version nonetheless. To pull it off, simply leave your victim a convincing-sounding message (either on paper or on an answering machine) from a certain "Mr. Lyon," who has called about an urgent matter (a missed lunch date is good for extra laughs) and would like a return call as soon as possible. Mr. Lyon's number? The phone number for your local zoo.
THE REACTION: One victim got this response: "I'm sorry, Mr. Lyon is busy at the moment. Mr. Elephant can talk, though!"

So this one worked on my dad. He couldn't believe that I pulled that good of a prank on him. i even managed to do it on my mom to. :P I love pranks!

BONUS#6 I actualy did this one today. We were doing soap carving at the Johnsons yesterday and my sister made a bunch of tiny sand dolars out ouf soap. They looked and smelled just like those little mints that you can buy. She had them laying out on the table the whole day. I can't tell you how many times I reached out to get one and then catching myself. So I took the plate full of them up to my dad and said, "Savannah made these mints today with Sister Johnson. Would you like one?" He took one glance at them them took a small handfull of them and shoved it into his mouth. I was so discusted right before he put them in his mouth I yelled, "NO DON'T...." But it was to late. I was glad that I didn't stop him earlier though. He was sort of mad at first but then he started laughing along with me. I love him. But he did say he was going to get me back sometime.

Sorry I havn't been updating my blog for some time now. I've been realy busy with Spring Cleaning and all that fun stuff!