Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dream of my Life

The family went paint balling in the wide open field Saturday. My cousin Cassie came with us but after she got all the gear on she decided that she didn't want to do it after all. I was bummed. So I was the only girl who went paint balling with everyone. I had a blast! I killed off most everyone. Half of the time I was just standing out in the open shooting everyone I could see that was on the opposing side. I didn't get hit either! But then it was just me and 2 other guys on the opposing team. They started shooting at me so I started walking zig-zag towards them while shooting. I got one out then the last one shot me in the face. All that pink stuff you see near my mouth is where the paintball got me. It tasted disgusting! We went paint balling again on Monday. This time we went to a place that had tons of shrubs and trees to hide behind. On the very last round we did we played Protect the president. I was on the assassins side. All the other rounds I was impatient but on this last round I was very patient. I stayed in my hiding place the whole game and when they finally came near me I jumped out and attacked them. I was the last guy alive on my team so I was alone. Craig, my cousins husband started shooting at me. He was really close to where I was so when he started shooting at me I had nowhere to go so all I could do was stand there and shoot back. He got me in several places. On both of my shoulders and my thigh. I have huge welts still. But It was one of the funnest days of my life.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mission pics!

He's home and it has been a real transition for him. He served in Spain and trying to speak English again is pretty funny to hear. Some times he'll just start blabbering on is Spanish while he's involved in a conversation. He said that the weirdest thing was to see how much I had grown. He said the last time he saw me I was a foot shorter. (I'm glad I've made some progress in the past 4 years) My family hadn't seen him in 4 years because we didn't get to go to his farewell. So yes, It has been confirmed that Landon and I are staying for another month. I get to go to Girls Camp with the Beaver ward to. My Uncle is the Bishop so he's helping me plan everything out. It is so much fun to have everyone together. Also we had his homecoming yesterday after church. It went really well. TONS of family and a few friends came. Here are some pics of the homecoming.

I Love this one. ^

I also go to go paint-balling. I may be going again today. I'll post some pics of it soon. By the way, IT'S FREEZING! Now it's raining and hailing. I love the constant change of the weather.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I guess I should start at the beggining. I'm in Utah with my grandparents right now. I came out here about a week ago. My great grandfather died about 2 weeks ago. My cousin comes home from his mission tonight so I'll be driving to the air port with my Aunt and Uncle and their family. We'll be staying at another cousins house for the night and then we come back to Beaver Utah for his homecomming. We will have a bunch of family coming in so we're cleaning and preparing and all that good stuff. I'll be staying at my grandparents house for about a month after family leaves. Then we go to California and have the funeral. Just so you don't get confused my Great Grandfather is bieng cremated. He was catholic so the funeral will be at a catholic church. It should be realy nice. I'm all packed and ready to go to the air port and plan on getting a bunch of pictures that I will be posting soon. So thats what I'm doing for the next few weeks. I'm sure it's all very confusing for you to read but I don't know how else to write it. I love Oxnard weather. Utah is so hot right now. I miss the cool ocean breese. It's just flat out hot here. And it's only going to get hotter. But I'm having a good time all the same. I guess I'm just spoiled. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night my YW lesson was on time management. Suzanne taught it. It was fun and it also helped her pass off some personal progress! She turns 18 next month I think and has to finish all of her personal progress before she turns 18 in order to get her medallion. I hope she gets it! She may be coming over today to do some personal progress. The lesson was great and she brought little notebooks and pens for us to take notes with. After that Sister Stokes brought in some Pizza and she gave us information about Girls Camp this year. I think It'll be allot of fun.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ok, Ok, I did the wierd princes thing to....

SO who the heck is "Megara"?!!! Other than the pink princess, I think It pretty much captures the "me" in it all.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I WON!!!

My bagpipes won Sis. Brooks!!! :P I sent that go green commercial in and out of 200 or more applicants I got first place! Ya, I got you guys all excited for something really Big! Sorry! I had to torture you. I couldn't help myself. But yes, I got the scooter. It's great! It's bearings are really good and it rides as smooth as a pen on paper. I looked up how much they sell for and it said $119.00. I wanted to sell it on eBay but my dad wouldn't let me. Darn! I could be putting that money towards college or towards my drivers permit. You know, I enjoyed making the movie more then I enjoyed getting the scooter. Funny, but true. At least my siblings have something new to play on!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hair cut!

I really got it chopped off didn't I. Well, I love it. Short hair is so much easier to maintain. I asked my mom if she could cut my hair so I found a pic off the Internet I liked and she did it. She probably did it about a month ago. I've also got something really awesome to tell you but I'm not going to yet. Can you guess?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Young Womens

Sorry for not posting any pics. The charger is lost again. And this time it wasn't me. LOL!
For YW we did temple time capsules. We went through magazines and found pictures of things we would want for our weddings. Next week we will seal them. But I don't think It'll take the whole time just to seal them so I'm starting to wonder what else might be planned.
Next Wednesday is Suzannes turn to plan what we'll be doing. She had allot of great ideas. We even came up with a real fun one during church. Dissecting a clock and then putting it back together. We also thought it would be fun to make a sun dial watch.
The week after that is the combined activity. I have no idea what were going to be doing for that because Oxnard 4th ward is planning it.
On the 24th our ward is doing temple baptisms. So that should be allot of fun. By the way, I got my temple recommend renewed so now I'm all up to date.
After that week we have Swimming!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!
So that's pretty much my whole month of YW stuff.