Monday, May 26, 2008

Mission pics!

He's home and it has been a real transition for him. He served in Spain and trying to speak English again is pretty funny to hear. Some times he'll just start blabbering on is Spanish while he's involved in a conversation. He said that the weirdest thing was to see how much I had grown. He said the last time he saw me I was a foot shorter. (I'm glad I've made some progress in the past 4 years) My family hadn't seen him in 4 years because we didn't get to go to his farewell. So yes, It has been confirmed that Landon and I are staying for another month. I get to go to Girls Camp with the Beaver ward to. My Uncle is the Bishop so he's helping me plan everything out. It is so much fun to have everyone together. Also we had his homecoming yesterday after church. It went really well. TONS of family and a few friends came. Here are some pics of the homecoming.

I Love this one. ^

I also go to go paint-balling. I may be going again today. I'll post some pics of it soon. By the way, IT'S FREEZING! Now it's raining and hailing. I love the constant change of the weather.


Tara Brooks said...

Are you going to be back in Cali in July? Resa will be totally bummed if you aren't there!

Amy said...

ARE YOU KIDDING?!!!! I'll be their if I have to walk to California! Ya, I'm coming home some time in june. You scared me so bad!