Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break!

This week has been really good. I slept over at Vanessa's because NO SCHOOL On FRIDAY!!! Yay! So I spent the rest of the school day on Thursday with her. First thing Friday morning we went to the Springer's for a photo shoot of the Moore fam. They turned out so great! Sister Springer took a bunch of photos of me afterwards too! I had been wanting some, so I got my wish! Thanks Sister Springer! I'll need to get them from her so I can post them up here. MOST of them turned out good. Then after that Vanessa went with her family out to lunch and I went with the Springer chicks to see the Hannah Montana movie. It was ok. I'm still not lovin her, but I'm makin progress! Right when we got home we got ready for Vanessa to come so Sister Springer could do her hair for prom. Vanessa drove me home and I hanged with their family while we waited for the rest of the guys going to prom to arrive. We had lots of fun and, did I mention, it was Zack's first time! He is going with Natalia. (a girl from seminary) I'm hoping to have lots of pics for ya!

Friday, April 3, 2009

YW Father Daughter Campout

This was our super happy fun Young Womens father daughter campout! Too bad I forgot to take pictures of our dads...

We forgot our swim suits so we had to make due. lol :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finals are Over!!!

All done with finals! My grades a great and I'm feelin good. :D I got an A+ in my math and Science and an A in my Language! I hope this next term turns out just as good if not better!