Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Logans first time doing baptisms!

My mom had some names given to her that needed to be done. So my brother got to do all the male names and I had the opportunity to do the girl ones but I found out that my temple recommend needed to be renewed. Darn! I missed doing baptisms with Logan on his first time! We have youth baptisms coming up so that ought to be fun. They want us to bring our own names this time. My grandma has been working on allot of family history and has a bunch of names ready for us to do. I'm hopping we still can get more though.

This Wednesday for YW were going to do a temple time capsule. Not sure what were exactly going to be doing though. Sister Henshaw won't tell me. But last week we did an Iron Chef cook off. AKA experimenting with seasoning meat and cooking rice. Most of mine were pretty good actually. I had a blast! And eating it was even better! I think my favorite was meat and the ranch powdery stuff.

I'm very excited for Logan and can't wait till all 4 of us can be in YW/YM! It won't be long!