Monday, January 12, 2009

Paint Ball Pics

Ever since we got the new paint ball gear and guns for Christmas dad has become
a fanatic. And regrettably, SO HAVE I! But It's so much fun! I'm the person a little in front of dad and a bit to the left. I have my mask on so you can't really tell who I am.

We only brought 2 guns so every other game we had to switch out. It was pretty fun watching everyone sneak around and pop people.

This is my dad. I got him pretty bad. XD


pdholgreen said...

It's awesome that your Dad gets out and does paintball wars with you guys. Have fun!

joyous said...

Looks like fun...I'll stick to the sidelines. ;)

Amy said...

Thanks for finally posting comments! Now I feel motivated to keep it coming. ^.^

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