Monday, January 5, 2009

My Birthday and the Dance

Happy Birthday to me! Yep, I turned 14 on the 27th. My whole family + grandparents, went to the church gym and set up the volley ball net. We played a full game of it. HEAVEN! I love volley ball with a passion. Then came the New Years Dance. I have been reluctant to go and have tried to ignore all the whoots about me being able to go. I'm not the type for dances. My parents made me go anyway. I do have to admit, It was more fun then I thought it would be. But at the same time, not as fun as I had hoped. Allot of people asked me to dance. Spencer only danced with me because Vanessa made him. Here is a nasty picture my friend Bridgett took of us. I have a really annoyed face on.

Us being bored. I got tired after the 3rd hour. Yes, it was a 4 hour dance!!! Way to long.

It's blurry, but here's a pic of us hiding out in the bathrooms.


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!

joyous said...

Yipee!!! Your first dance. I just want to gush and be generally annoying because it's so darn cute.

Don't be rude when people ask you to dance...not everyone gets asked to dance. My rule is you have to say yes the first time (3 minutes won't kill you), but after that it is perfectly fine to say no. The rule starts over at each dance.

Amy said...

I never said no. I just laughed at my friend when she got asked to dance and she got all the geeks and I didn't. It was funneh! :P But I don't think I said no once. Just to let you know. hmph

James, Cameo, and Jacob said...

Happy Birthday!! Hopefully you'll enjoy dances more and more - I was never really into dances myself, but I did like them more as I got older. It's just fun to have something different to do besides the same old, same old.

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