Monday, January 5, 2009


I am so lame. No Christmas pictures. So I'm just gonna ramble about Christmas. You can keep reading if your bored.
We had a fun Christmas. Since we couldn't go to Oregon, my Grandparents came over here. Wait! I do have one picture!

Here it is. We had lots of fun and played scrabble and other fun games with them. We didn't have a huge Christmas but it was probably one of the most memorable ones. I got my parents a $10 cold stones gift card, Logan a $10 gift card to target, Landon a belt (which he needed and wanted)and a cool magnet car, Savannah a gift bag full of stuff little girls would want, and a pair of socks which she wanted and needed. My parents gave us all some long John PJ's, and some sweaters and other stuff. It was fun. Allot has happened since Christmas, so expect an explosion of posts!


pdholgreen said...

I'm glad you still got to spend time with your Grandparents for Christmas-even though it wasn't at their house. I can't believe how big everyone in your family is getting!

pdholgreen said...

That sounded mean. I meant "big" as in growing up, and looking different. Have fun!

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