Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend, Ahhhhhhh

Three tests! Three stinkin long grueling tests!!! My brain is dead so if I spell anything wrong, DON'T COMMENT!!! Volley Ball is going great! I love it so much it's not just a sport anymore. It's life. Aside from homework. Hate homework. Love school! Hate homework. I just got back from school and I have NO HOMEWORK!!! YEEEAAA!

At seminary since I have 100% attendance and no tardies all month, Sis.Fig gave me this iron on Jerusalem thing. We've been learning about Jerusalem lately. Well I tried it and here is the finished product. :D I'm really happy!


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

I love weekends!! I am so glad that you are loving High School, and more importantly volleyball.

That shirt is cool!!

Tara Brooks said...

Why can't I comment if you spell something wrong! I'm revolting. You spelled something wrong and I'm commenting anyway.
Love you sweet-pea. Just over 4 months to go!!! YIPEE!!

Amy said...

Yaya! I can't wait!

joyous said...

I love the finished product! That is pretty cool. I'm hoping you can babysit for me again. I'll call you this week and I'll try not to flake out on you. :)