Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

My weekend is half way over. :( I have had so much fun though!  My brother, Logan, had his birthday party.  He's 13 now!!!  WOWZA!  Time does fly.  So he kicked me outta the house on Friday for his sleepover/birthday party.  I retreated to my friend Bridgetts house for the weekend.  We played v-ball, ran to the park, and did other super fun stuff like that on Friday.  Then on Saturday my mommy gave Bridgett, and Bridgett's Daddy a hair-cut.  After they all had their new cuts Bridgett, her mommy, and I went to the mall the find somethin to wear to the dance on Saturday night.  I found a good dress at Papaya and it was only 15 dolla.  So then we both got matching jackets to wear with the dresses.  Then her mom took us to get our fingers painted.  That was officially the first time I had gotten my fingers done.  It was okay.  I got black with white polka dots and Bridgett got red with white polka dots.  They matched out dresses.  *tee hee* After that we went home and got changed for the dance.  Then with an extra hour to kill we got undressed again and went outside to play v-ball.  *haha*  We got ready again and left for the dance.  The dance was fun.  Did I mention it was Davids first dance?  He was shy.  I made him dance with Bridgett.  *Mwahahaha*  I hope he climbs outta his shell someday.  And guess what!!!  I won a balloon.  The DJ took all the lists of people that were there and read off the names that he thought were special.  ^.^  And that was my weekend.  It's not even over yet.  I still have Monday!  :D  I hope I can finish my homework in time to do something fun with Bridgett and Rita!


joyous said...

I LOVED your nails with your dress. It was way cute. And the dress was even cuter now that I know it was such an awesome deal. I'm glad you're living the good life right now. There are so many fun things to do, so keep it up!