Thursday, March 6, 2008

Disney Land

For Vanessa's B-day her dad planned a surprise party for her at Disney land. We were going to sleep at a hotel so that would give us 2 days at Disney. So when I came over Monday night with my sleeping bad and pillow and all my clothes for Disney land she opened the door and said, "Hi. whats going on?" I told her I was sleeping over. The next morning her dad told me to tell her we were going to Disney land. So I said, "Vanessa, Do you know why I'm here?" She said, "no. Why?" I replied, "We're going to Disney land." "Your kidding." She said. "Yes I am." But then I told her that we really were going. I just had to say that I was kidding. I couldn't help myself. So we went and had a great time. My favorite rides were Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Absolutely fun. I didn't bring my camera because my dad would pop like a balloon and then fly around the room if it got lost. Vanessa brought her camera so I'll see if I can get them from her and post them on the blog.


Tara Brooks said...

Ok, the image of a popping balloon is hilarious! Without really making him that mad, that is something that I would love to see. hee hee!
I'm glad that you had fun at Disneyland. Is that the first time you'd ever been?

Amy said...

It was my second time going. The first time I was baby-sitting Ragen Jhonson so it was a little easier for his mom. But we only went on the little kid rides. This time was much funner.

joyous said...

Super fun...I can't wait to go in a couple more weeks!!! :)