Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Tag!

Just for the fun of it I would like to start a game of blog tag. I'm going to tag the 6 blogs that I know of. Springers, Vandukers, Jazz and family, Brooks, Suzanne, and the Henshaws (Do it for me Sister Henshaw. You could even just talk about yourself.)
Here are the rules:
1-Players write a post describing eight random facts about themselves.
2-They then “tag” eight bloggers to write similar posts, including the rules.
3-The players then leave a comment on blogs they've tagged to tell them about the game.

  1. I have brown hair.
  2. My eyes change colors from blue hazel to green hazel depending on my mood and what I wear.
  3. I live by the ocean and enjoy going to the beach.
  4. I have a dog, two birds, a fish and a cat.
  5. I love to blog.
  6. I love to draw.
  8. I Love to be around my friends.

Now it's your turn. Have fun!


civil air patrol said...

I still have that picture of you from the last day of cava when you got nailed by that egg you tried to catch.that was funny!!!!I'll never forget when I chased cort until he lost his pants.Iwish I got a picture of the way I like the picture of you alone.

civil air patrol said...
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