Sunday, November 11, 2007

My talk

My Talk went great!!! I think the people in our ward really got a lot out of it and had a ton of fun to. It went vary smoothly and I made the Bishop laugh so hard I think he was falling out of his seat. I hope next time I can do more than just 5 minutes. It seems harder to do a 5 minute talk than a 15 minute talk. By the way, just for the fun of it I think I'll start a game of blog tag. I'm tagging the 6 blogs that I know of. Springers, Vandukers, Suzanne, Brooks, Jazz and family, and the Henshaws (Do it for me Sister Henshaw. You don't even have to send it out to any one just tell about yourself.) When your done writing ten things about yourself challenge 6 more people to do the same.


joyous said...

I'm sorry I missed your talk. Hopefully, you'll be asked again soon so I can hear you speak in sacrament. I'll let the bishopric know that you want to talk again as soon as possible!!