Monday, October 13, 2008

Primary Program

Last Sunday we had the primary program. It was so cute watching everyone sing and say there little parts to the congregation. Everyone did great. Landon was really funny to. When he was younger he never would get up and say his part because he was frightened. But yesterday he stood up and said his part. He talked faster then I have ever heard anyone talk before, but he did a great job and has made TONS of progress. I'm so happy for him.
Sorry I haven't been blogging that often anymore. Nothing really interesting has been happening lately round ere. But we're starting to get into the holidays so you should start seeing more posts around the end of October.


joyous said...

Whatever...."nothing exciting". There's volleyball, school, YW, etc. I know you're doing all sorts of stuff and you don't have to have pictures to put up a post!!! What's the plan for Halloween?!?