Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry I've been such a slacker on the blog. It only felt like a day or two but then I looked at the dates and reolised it had been alot longer then just two days.
Young Womens is going great. I'll be a myamaid on Dec. 27th. It's funny. I've waited my whole life to be in YW and now it's going by way to fast! Girls camp is on the 20th-23rd. Were not going to Camp Condor this year. This will be my 3rd year of girls camp. Technically 2 years but I went to girls camp in Utah already this year so they bumped me up a year. I don't think I start seminary this year.
School is doing OK to. I'll be in both 8th and 9th grade. 8th in my math, history, and science. 9th grade in my gum, composition, literature, and spelling. So basically all my Language. My favorite subject would probably have to be Literature because of how easy and enjoyable it is. I also like math but I'm not that great at it.
I love this picture Sister Brooks took of me I just had to post it. Although she already posted it on her blog. I'm weird like that.

Me and my great friend Resa.


joyous said...

thanks for the update. hope you have fun at camp. i'll be missing ya!

James, Cameo, and Jacob said...

Cute picture!! Hope you have a fun school year - I'm glad you like literature. It took me a while to like it, but now I can't get enough!!