Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun at the beach!

We've been going to the beach allot lately. We're going again today to. And of course I always seem to forget the camera. I love the beach. My favorite thing to do when I go is to hop in my wet suite and then go body surfing! That's one thing I wouldn't get if I moved to Utah. But don't worry. Utah is only a dream. I won't be moving there anytime soon.

My parents singed my siblings and I up for some free golf lessons. The instructor is a famous golfing pro. They've been telling me he used to play on TV. But he definitely is a great instructor! I was expecting one or two lessons because no one had to pay for anything. But actually it's a couple weeks of hard core golf. I didn't ever really have any interest in golf up till now. I love it! It's pretty calming to. When you're upset at someone the best way to release all that hot air is to go golfing. Just hit a couple golf balls as hard as you can and then you get happy because you see how well you are hitting the balls! It's great! I'll try to get some pictures while were at the beach today.


pdholgreen said...

I love the beach too! I wish we had one in Utah, but oh well, we'll just visit places that have beaches. Good luck with your golfing lessons!