Monday, June 30, 2008


Some of you may not know that my father has been in North Carolina taking a test. The only 2 places in the WORLD that you can take this test is in North Carolina and Germany. (I think) He has taken this test 4 times before this attempt and I am just so excited I can't even type right. My dad has been so busy studying for his CCIE. He hasn't had much time to do things like camping or family reunions or fishing. So now that he has passed this darn test we can do things like that. I AM SO HAPPY!!! I'm sorry I can't explain the test very well but I'm sure he can so ask him about it. I'm sure he'd love to talk about it!


Tara Brooks said...

I thougth you were saying that your dad "PASSED" like "Passed Away"! You about gave me a heart attack!!!!! Don't ever do that again!

So glad that he is fine and that he was able to succeed in passing his EXAM!!!!! Stinker!

Congrats Brother Sweet!

joyous said...

YEAH!!!! We finally guessed that on our way home from dinner last night. We figured it had to be that he passed his test or that he got a new BMW, but since I saw him drop you off and the car didn't look different, it had to be the test. Congratulations! Enjoy having your less-stressed dad around again. ;)

Jules Janae said...

YAYY for your dad!! I have no idea what kind of test it is but passing anything is exciting! PLUS... now you can do all that fun stuff!