Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Little Sunday Snooze

So how do you like the new time schedule? Church starts at 9:00 am now. I hate it because I don't get to sleep in to eleven anymore. My dad loves it because you get the rest of the day to do home teaching and stuff like that. This morning I had BYC so I had to be at the church by 8:00. Here's a movie of a trick I played on my dad when I was supposed to be doing the dishes.



Tara Brooks said...

If you want him scared, you've got to at least make it look like a spider. Goodness! It looks like pipe cleaners. hee hee!
You're too funny Miss Amy.

joyous said...

Don't quit your day job!! It was a good try, but you're going to have to plan pretty good to get your dad. He's probably the king jokester. LOL

Amy said...

well, as I said we were doing dishes so we couldn't make anything that looked realy good.

Tiffany & Annabella said...

Amy I just found your blog and I love it!!! It is great. I can't believe how big you and your family are getting. I sure do miss y'all over there. I hope that you check out our blog too. hope to hear from ya.